Advanced time management systems are being used to ensure that accurate clocking in data is achieved for you and your business.  Business size is not important for a time recorder or clocking in solution and no matter whether you agree to a simple time clock, job timer or  PC linked time management system we will always provide a professional service that is second to none.


 Time Attendance and Access Control device sales isn't all we do, we back this up by offering full time attendance service and support along   with supply of ancillary products magnetic swipe cards, proximity badges, RFID Cards, Mi Fare Cards.

Sunbird Networks is the leading Suppliers of Workforce Management Solutions in the globe. We provide Sales & Support for wide range of sunbird time attendance and access control systems


We offer a full range of time attendance services starting with an initial consultation to ascertain your time management requirements followed   by a no obligation quotation, and site visit if required, continuing on to the installation of the time management or time attendance  system coupled with a demonstration of any time management software.


Sunbird Time Attendance & Access Control Systems


Sunbird Networks specialized in Time and Attendance Systems and Clocking In Systems that help businesses to record employee's attended time, manage employee absence, run a well managed flexitime scheme, store employee records,  control access to secure areas and automatically transfer attendance data to their chosen payroll software.


These solutions are designed to help you monitor, record and manage your workforce attendance more effectively and save you money. Recording every aspect of your employee's time and attendance behavior has been proven to cut costs and streamline procedures. Our Time and Attendance System provides real time management information and combines time recording options to suit all business types.





Sunbird Time & Attendance module is a powerful application that automates the error-prone processes related to monitoring employees time. It enables you to apply complex working policies with the utmost accuracy, and provide managers with real time data along with the tools to control cost of human resources and improve productivity.

 Time Attendance, Access Control & Security Systems

  • Biometric Time Attendance Systems

  • Facial Recognition Systems

  • Standalone Access Control Systems

  • Multi Door Access Control Systems

  • Workforce Management Solutions

It has become essential for businesses to provide a secure environment for their workforce and ensure that access to premises is restricted to those who are not authorized to enter. The most efficient way of doing this is to use an Access Control System which secures doors via biometric or card readers to control the access of visitors via specially developed Access Control Software.

We provide Access Control Systems that can manage employee access from the control of a single internal door through to a fully computerised, multi-site network of access points. Our Systems can manage employee access from the control of a single internal door through to a fully computerised, multi-site network of access points.




Sunbird Networks is the perfect system for these applications:


  • Retail Stores

  • Apartment Complexes

  • Office Buildings

  • Schools

  • Utilities & Resources

  • Government Buildings

  • Oil & Gas Projects

  • Banks & Financial Institutions


Reports Generated


  • Attendance General Report, Department Attendance Report

  • Staff On Duty / Off Duty Timetable

  • Daily Attendance Shift

  • Daily Attendance Statistics Report


Standard Software Features


  • Reduces administrative punching cost,

  • Eliminates Proxy attendance

  • No manual register or signatures required

  • Secured fingerprint minutiae matching with Fast, Accurate Algorithm

  • Easy, speedy, enrollment of employees

  • Department, Assignment and Shift Management

  • Leave & Holiday management

  • Overtime Calculations

  • Data is available in excel/html/ASCII/ txt  format for further calculation



Web based Software Features


  • This is an online system facilitating availability information at the touch of a button.

  • The Leave Management System is a Web based application that can be used over the intranet.

  • It standardizes a common universal  process for entire organization.

  • It uses the standard leave approval process of Initiating Officer and reviewing officer.

  • Generates required Reports and MIS.

  • Online Leave Approval – 2 Stages

  • Intimation of Approved/Rejected Leaves on E-mail.