Staff Augmentation



Our staff augmentation engagement model gives you access to expert resources in your preferred location – onsite, offsite and offshore. Apart from gaining easy access to talent, our staff augmentation model allows you to control those aspects of your project that are important, while leaving the rest to be managed by us


  • Short-term to mid-term staff augmentation engagements can help your organization in overcoming the following kinds of challenges:

  • Critical or temporary resource shortage issues

  • Need to complete initiatives with no long-term budget commitments

  • Obtain development skills that are not available in-house or not immediately available in the market

  • You face resource continuity issues at your current development location

A staff augmentation engagement model can be one of two below options:

Time and material: The resources are available to you for the entire duration of your requirement and you don't need to specify a concrete up front time line. However, you need to inform us 1 month prior to disengaging with the resources.

Fixed timeline: We mutually decide a fixed timeline for the engagement. Based on project progress and any additional work to be done, you can choose to extend the duration.

In either of the two cases, pricing of services is based on the resources working on the project. Pricing of resources will vary depending upon the following factors like Experience, Role, Technology, Onsite vs Offshore. We have a standard hourly bill rate for each resource type. Clients can also request a fixed monthly rate.




The Client is responsible for managing the staff and deliverables from the engagement, which includes the following:

  • Delivery timeline

  • Quality

  • Documentation