Data Center Solutions


Wings Micro Systems in technical partnership with Alemsan  offers custom architecture solutions for network and server infrastructure. The customized design, which integrates


Active and Passive Cooling

Racks and Accessories

Fiber Optic and Copper Structural Cabling

Power & Power Conditioning

Remote Management Systems

Security and Fire Protection                

        allows the selection of standardized components to create a comprehensive solution through modular and adaptable configurations. This standardization enables an easily scalable architecture designed to meet changing needs and future expansion. This approach provides not only increased availability, improved long term adaptability and speed of deployment but also lower total cost of ownership for IT environments.


       Many data centers face critical power and cooling challenges when deploying high-density applications with rack power densities typically greater than 5kW. These high density environments are caused by a variety of drivers. From deployment of new technology such as blade servers to IT environment changes caused by server consolidation and migration. In fact, according to an industry survey, 85% of medium-to-large enterprise companies are in the process of planning or implementing server consolidation projects based on existing system ernovations and upgrades.


      Alemsan’s data center solutions supporting up to 20kW per rack can increase your system availability and agility, allowing quick and effective deployment while offering the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO). In addition all cabinets are fitted with side skirts and blanking panels between the equipment, in this way the only route for the air is through the equipment. The cabinets are now considered to be an extension of the floor void and the room is now the hot aisle. The advantages are clear. The temperature between the bottom and top of the rack is now quite constant.


       This enables the deployment of servers at any position in the rack. With an even spread of temperature within the Cold Green Chamber we can increase the under floor air temperature and make significant savings on Operational Expenditures. If the supply temperature is approximately 20 degrees Celsius the possibly of“FREE COOLING” can also be considered. In addition 75% of server failures occur in the top third of racks as the temperature is always a lot higher than the bottom of the rack. Now that the cooling in the rack is under control the equipment is more reliable.

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